Annual HBCU March for Race, Inequality, Deportation, Guns and Education (RIDGE)

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The solution to our social and cultural challenges sit squarely in the ability of people to work together. Understand key issues and address them using modern tools and a single story.

You have the power to understand and address issues in race and inequality, and in the process create an astonishing new world. For every generation there's a unique solution, but we need everyone to see history through a single story - we need empathy. That's the purpose of the RIDGE movement on Twitter.



Communities are under extreme pressure. The system isn't working for you, and both citizens and police officers are being impacted by violence. Across American people are asking for a single conversation to discuss issues in race and society. That the purpose of the RIDGE. Connect now.



The RIDGE is an ecosystem of people, content and issues put together in a single environment. It supports massive collaboration. People create change not politicians, but you need a place to start. Download the app, post content and help solve problems with a thunderous voice.



You're supporting a 'real' change movement built around a compelling story. Supported by an ecosystem of the smartest people on Linked-in and Twitter, now is the time. Let's move in a new direction and solve old issues - ourselves. Get inspired, promote the RIDGE March on Twitter.