A Twitter Movement: March Online for Racial Awareness

Help Spread Awareness

e-Hive e/hive/ noun 1. a visual set of museum quality images connected to tell story; Twitter #hashtags inserted so you can share and discuss the issues.

What if you had the power to improve the way you learn, work and live - would you? For every generation there's a solution, but first we need to understand the history. And learn how to collaborate to create the change that works for everyone. The purpose of the March Online is to understand the issues and connect people with new solutions that work.



Communities are under a ton of pressure with no fix in sight. The system isn't working for everyone, and now hate messages are promoted openly. Everyone's taking to the street in protest, but unless you're using technology as a solution you're simply wasting. Don't waste time click the button.



We're an ecosystem and our goal is teaching you new ways to collaborate. People create change not politicians, but you need a place to start. You need a solution. Download the visual story with Twitter integration, then post content and frame the issues with a thunderous voice.



You're supporting an awareness movement built around a single story. Supported by an ecosystem of people all working together moving forward. In an environment meticulously crafted to support the March Online for Racial Awareness. Share the story and change the world.