A Twitter Movement: March Online for Racial Awareness

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A global discussion on racial awareness using a story with multiple narratives. e-Hive e/hive/ noun 1. a vibrant set of museum quality images connected to tell a unique story using Twitter.

You have the power to put a dent in racism and create an astonishing world. For every generation there's a unique solution, but first we need to understand the history and work together. The purpose of the March Online for Racial Awareness (MORA) is to provide a shared story and connect people with ideas and solutions. Targeted for President Obama's birthday August 4, 2016, this an fascinating National gift for Obama last term.



Communities are under extreme pressure. The system isn't working for most of us and now hate messages are promoted openly. Today's leaders don't understand innovation; so you get luncheons, dinners, and seminars. Technology and innovation offer the real solution. Click and connect.



We're an ecosystem and our goal is to use the March Online to teach massive collaborate. People create change not politicians, but you need a place to start. You need to see progress. Download the story, post content and help frame issues with a thunderous voice.



You're supporting an awareness movement built around a compelling story. Supported by an ecosystem support by the best people on Linked-in and Twitter. Let's move in a new direction and solve old issues - ourselves. Get inspired promote the March Online for Racial Awareness.